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Our Pricing Policy

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Our Pricing Policy is very flexible. The final cost of your order depends on the type of paper, the number of pages, academic level, the deadline, and extra features.

You can choose one or several of these extras and add them to your order:

  • Plagiarism report. This extra option serves as proof of your paper’s absolute originality. The price for double-spaced page documents is $9.99 — 1-10 pages, $10.99 plus $1 for each additional page for eleven and more pages. The price for single-spaced page documents is $6 — 1-5 pages, and $11.99 plus $2 for each additional page for six and more pages.
  • Preferred writer. You can choose this option if you used our services and liked the work of the previous writer. Just select him or her to work on your current paper. The price will depend on the writer.
  • VIP Customer Service. This option makes you #1 client for us. We will answer all your requests immediately and send you notifications with your paper status. The price is $14.99.
  • Abstract Page. We can do it for $14.99.

We also provide a 5% discount if the price for your order exceeds $500, and a 10% discount if the price exceeds $1000.